Episode #89: Michael McFarland and Long Lost Pearl McFarland/Whites/Havarti




Tim and Jelly chat with improviser and multi-festival founder, Michael McFarland about improv and his upcoming variety show, The McFarland Family Variety Hour which is Wed. June 5th at 7:30pm at the DCAC.  Get your tickets today before it sells out!  Michael is the founder of Duofest (June 6th-9th!), the Philly Improv Festival, the NYC Improv Festival and the Bad Theater Festival. He is clearly the king of festivals.  You can also see Michael perform with Love Onion, a WITT Harold team all around DC.

Michael may be the King of Festivals, but Tim & Jelly are the Supreme Beings of Surprises. Enter long lost Great, Great Aunt, Pearl McFarland who disappeared under mysterious circumstances 40 years ago. It turns out their was some bad blood between her and Big Nanna Mae McFarland and it all had to do with money. After leaving the family dressed as a man, Pearl set off for Vegas where she became Pearly Whites. She eventually married and is now Pearl Havarti--Life of the Party.

Pearl in her younger years: