Jun 21, 2016

If Not Now, When? Ep. 223



“How soon ‘not now’ becomes ‘never.'”
– Martin Luther

Someday I am going to write a book, travel to far off lands, start a business, lose weight, run a marathon, hike the Appalachian Trail, learn a new language, go back to school, and the list goes on and on.. These are life enhancing and life changing activities that we put off because we are waiting for the perfect time, to be worthy, and to not be scared. Yet, all we are doing is punishing ourselves by not doing them now. What can we do to make sure someday is today?

  • Put It on The Calendar
  • Set concrete goals related to what you want to do.
  • Make The Phone Call(s) to research, book reservations, tell a friend, etc
  • Ask A Friend To Join You--split the cost, share the fear!
  • Understand There May Not Be A Perfect Time
  • What if you found out you had one month to live--what would you do?
  • Make a tiny step TODAY towards making it happen

We also bring back an old school JVS segment, Coffee Talk, and trot out a new intro from our friend, Mark Johnson!

It's time to mix up the Jelly! Let us know what you think, and keep an ear out for additional show changes in the coming weeks. Change is Good!


Where The Blue Grass Grows by Jelly's Sister-In-Law

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Six Months To Six Figures by Peter Voogd

Jun 14, 2016

More Outrageous Habits For Radical Success: Ep. 222



“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” – Farrah Gray

We continue obsessing over the blog post, "14 Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Every Day" by Travis Bradberry on Entrepreneur.com. There is so much wisdom shared in this blog post that our minds our feeling electrified by the limitless potential we all have within us. We want all JellyVisionaries to feel the power within yourself.

Let is know what you think about this episode and these outrageous, daily habits. You can also look forward to a new show format--we are jazzing it up to satisfy our creative desires.

We love you for listening. We love you for being that weird.

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Jun 7, 2016

Outrageous Habits for Radical Success Pt. 1: Ep. 221



"The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary." Vidal Sassoon

We are obsessing over a blog post we found on Entrepreneur.com whose title made our fingers twitchy enough to click the link and read it! How could we not click on this article:
14 Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Every Day  by Travis Bradberry.

We want to be ridiculously successful! Seriously, this is a topic we are severely invested in as uncommon entrepreneurs. We were all prepared to be disappointed like a five year old without a pony, by another fluffer nutter of a blog post, but it actually surprised us with its collective wisdom. We are rethinking so much!

Track with us on this episode and give us feedback on your ridiculous habits. Are you going to try any of these? Do you have your own radical habits that contribute to your success? You should really share those! :)

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May 31, 2016

Kick Your Assets Into Gear: Ep. 220


“If only I'd known my differentness would be an asset, then my earlier life would have been much easier.”

Bette Midler

We are talking about assets! Not stocks, bonds, and real estate (those are great)--but a personal portfolio of assets we can start creating today in order to have multiple revenue streams, and long-term stability in our creative businesses.

You probably already have assets! Think of the things you have built or created that add value to your brand. These can include a podcast, a book, an email list, an online store, prints from an original painting, a network, a blog, or even a web series like our good friend, Alexis Turrentine is creating called The Set Life!

Sure, you can trade time for money when you provide a service, but that is  short-term income, and we want to build stability, and long-term opportunities.

You can't have too many assets, and they will all start to feed each other, and create extreme value. So start investing in yourselves today, JellyVisionaries!  Berkshire Hathaway has nothing on you. Your personal stock is going to sky rocket! 

As always, We believe in you! Be Weird. Be Successful. 

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