Jul 18, 2014

Episode #137: Jenny Cutler Lopez & The Girl Who Couldn’t Cry


This week on The JellyVision Show we talk to author, Jenny Cutler Lopez about her powerful book, Who I AM: American Scar Stories.  Jenny photographed and interviewed people with life altering scars and documented their personal stories in this gorgeous book. The stories are uplifting and inspirational! Do you have a scar story?  Jenny is collecting mini scar stories on instagram. Our very own, Alexis and Tim are both featured! Make sure to check them out. Jenny has a lot more books coming, so please follow her ON TWITTER and get in touch if you have an extreme scar story! You may end up in the next edition.

Because we were so moved by the stories in Jenny's book, we invited
Lilly Cornea
on the show. Lilly is known as "The Girl Who Can't Cry". Lilly's problem has baffled doctors who have determined that there is nothing physically wrong with her. Even after the tragic death of her mother, Lilly didn't shed a tear. We invited her on the show in the hope that she would feel some emotion after hearing some powerful Scar Stories.
Find out if Lilly finally cries on this amazing episode of The JellyVision Show that may leave you scarred!

**Special thanks to improviser, Tori Clodfelter, who played Lilly. You can see Tori perform all over the place. She is a Comedy Sports performer at The Comedy Spot in Arlington. She is also a troupe member of Last Ham Standing. Follow Tori on Twitter @ToriClods

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Jul 8, 2014

Episode #136: The Shelly’s Belly Tour with Shelly Bell


In this episode we have a returning guest and a challenge. Poet, artist & writer, Shelly Bell contacted us a couple of months ago to see if we would participate in her current social project, Shelly's Belly. In order to confront her issues with gaining normal pregnancy weight, Shelly decided to get her friends and family involved by asking them to cook healthy meals for her for under $50 and then eat together. She was overwhelmed by the positive response and has been eating delicious, healthy meals up and down the east coast.

Shelly gave us $50 and a couple of foods to avoid and we had our challenge!

The JellyVision Team decided to make a Spinach & Artichoke Quinoa Bake from Two Peas and Their Pod. and chocolate covered strawberries (made up recipe) for dessert. It was all super delicious and we could barely stop eating to record this episode. You can probably hear us eating. We are grateful to Shelly for inviting us to participate in what could become a real social movement. This was a fantastic experiment--we all felt like we bonded on a whole new level after cooking a meal together. Then, to share it with friends and have a good (recorded) conversation..what could be better?

We talk about food, social norms, activism, dreams, parenting, privilege, education motivation, commitment and even sensory deprivation chambers. Enjoy! And if you have a minute, please subscribe and rate us on itunes or Stitcher! Sweet! :)


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Jun 25, 2014

Episode #135: Paul C. Brunson Teaches Us 20 Billionaire Habits


This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast, we go solo which gives us a chance to talk about something we are passionate about--creative entrepreneurship. Jelly is excited to talk about the blog article, "20 Successful Habits I Learned Working for 2 Billionaires"  by best selling author, boutique matchmaker and lifestyle coach,
 Paul C. Brunson . Paul worked for Oprah Winfrey and Enver Yucel and observed some unique qualities and practices these two billionaires shared that contributed to their extreme success.
Tim and Jelly start off talking about epiphanies, goals, inner peace, exercise and earning your happiness. Tim even has an unexpected, passionate rant about stepping up your game. The conversation turns to Paul's article where they discuss 10 of the 20 Billionaire habits. Alexis joins the discussion and plans on signing up for Paul's relationship and lifestyle coaching. We hope to have him live on the podcast sometime soon! In the meantime, follow Paul C. Brunson on Twitter and check out all that he has to offer on PaulCBrunson.com. Consider joining Paul's #MentorMonday Community for expert advice on entrepreneurship, life, and relationship related topics.

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Jun 17, 2014

Episode #134: Barbarellesque & Forrest’s #CatParty


We had a Cat Party while we recorded this week's show!  Are the rumors true? Did David Bowie call The JellyVision Show? 

During our Cat Party,  we learn all about the art and business of Burlesque from Kay Sera and Missy Aggravation--two movers and shakers in the DC/Baltimore Burlesque scene. Kay is the co-founder of Bawdy Shop Burlesque and just returned from performing at the very competitive & respected, Burlesque Hall of Fame.  Missy will be co-starring with Kay in the burlesque production, Barbarellesque: A unique live production of the sexy sci-fi camp classic, Barbarella. The show is 6/28 will be at The State Theater and you can purchase tickets in advance RIGHT HERE. Please follow the ladies on Twitter to stay on top of all of their performances and antics. Follow Kay, Missy and Barbarellesque.

King of the #CatParty, Forrest the Cat, came on the show to promote his just-released single, Cat Party. Forrest wants everyone to dance to what is sure to be the song of the summer. Forrest claims to have co-wrote the song with David Bowie and when David calls the show, we find out exactly how much he was involved.  Don't forget to follow Forrest on Twitter and learn how you can host your very own Cat Party in your town!

Forrest can be reached at:

Cat Party is available for download and/or streaming at...

Forrest's producer, John Musco, is a Mainstage performer at The Comedy Spot in Arlington, VA.

Want to read our live Tweets from this recorded show? Just search #JVS134 while you listen to the show. It adds to the fun.

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