Episode #172: Doing Business with a Rebel Mind


Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence. --Osho

This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast we speak with Toni Langhorne, the co-founder of Tailored Rebels Clothing. Tailored Rebels is an online, small batch, original, tee shirt design company with a rebellious philosophy. Toni and her partner didn't let the over-saturated t-shirt market deter them from their vision of making statement tees worth collecting, dressing up, and wearing on the town. In addition to unique designs on American Apparel shirts, they put a lot of thought into their packaging to make the receipt of their products a memorable experience. Like smart rebels, they stared at the landscape and found a way to stand out in a crowded market.

How To Be A Rebel with Your Art, Business & Life:

  • Challenge the conventional and create alternatives to the status quote
  • Keep trying new things 
  • Don't follow trends, study everything around you and be on the bleeding edge of the NEXT trend. See the change before it happens.
  • Be a rebel with a cause--rebel to change things for the better, not for the sake of being rebellious.
  • Respect the power of a true rebel to lead, change people's lives and revolutionize the accepted standard.
  • Rebel against greed, prejudice, violence, corruption and small minds. 

Don't miss Tailored Rebels May 2nd at The Funk Parade where they will be doing live screen printing from 12-5pm. Follow them everywhere @TailoredRebels.