Being Different Is Good Until It’s Not: Ep. 245





The lesson of the California Roll is simple — people don’t want something truly new, they want the familiar done differently. --Nir Eyal 


This entire episode was inspired by the insightful blog post, People Don’t Want Something Truly New, They Want the Familiar Done Differently by Nir Eyal. Tim and Jelly discuss how we happily bask in being weird, quirky, unique, innovative, and rebellious, but what if we are hurting our business by being sooo different that we are alienating potential fans, and customers? It's worth reevaluating and tweaking our services and products if what we are creating isn't resonating with enough people to make our business viable. 



One innovator that we think is a stellar example of someone taking the familiar (art journals) and making them her own through her personal story of chronic pain, is mixed media artist, Cindy Utter! Check out her YouTube channel and Artsy Endeavors Facebook Group

 IthacaTripMeandCindyEDITSmall.jpg          IthacaTripCindysArtJournaleditsmall.jpg

Me and artist, Cindy Utter in her studio in Homer, NY!  



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This is my new rescue beast, Meatball--he interrupted the show when he let himself out of my bedroom. 



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