Sep 15, 2015

Oscar Santana of The Mike Omeara Show Shares His Business Lessons from Radio & Podcasting: Ep. 193


"Take your 'Big Mac' recipe and do something with it on your own."---Oscar Santana, President MORE Broadcasting

Podcasters and other creators can learn a lot from terrestrial radio. Oscar Santana is a radio talk show host with the top-rated, Mike O'Meara Show. He is also a co-host on the Big O and Dukes Show and Tech 411 Podcasts. His start in terrestrial radio taught him many lessons that he is now applying to monetizing his podcasts and growing his start-up company, FreeAppCompany.

Are you applying Oscar's 4 Quadrants For Success?

  • Be Honest. Find and use your authentic voice at all times.
  • Create with Consistency, Consistently 
  • Have a clean, professional website or blog as well as a consistent social media presence to appear attractive to potential advertisers, listeners and customers at first glance.
  • Take advantage of  Amazon Affiliate links on your website for some easy, passive income

"Talk about what you are passionate about, and it will be conveyed in your work." --Oscar

Sep 8, 2015

The Business of Trust and Sharing with Ivan Raiklin: Ep. 192


"We have what we need, if we use what we have." -- Edgar Cahn

There is a new and thriving business model called the Sharing Economy, also known as Collaborative Consumption.  In essence, it's a model built on the basic premise that some people have assets that they are not fully utilizing. So, they let others use these underused items or services, for a fee. What occurs is a mutually beneficial arrangement along with some social and even environmental benefits. 

This week, we welcome Ivan Raiklin, a sharing economy fanatic and entrepreneur to discuss the benefits the sharing economy offers to creative entrepreneurs, as well as opportunities that have yet to be realized. Ivan is also an angel investor with the start up Payazza, a former Green Beret, an attorney, an adviser to, and avid business Blabber.

Lucky for you, Ivan has offered our listeners a bunch of referral codes so you can test out a variety of sharing economy companies for free, or at a discount. Thanks Ivan!

Sharing Economy Referral Codes:

Rideshare driver bonus or free 1st time use:
Uber: MKD0V
Lyft:   IVAN230690
SideCar:  IVAN330

1099 employee management tool:
SherpaShare:  Ivan

Food delivery:

Renting your car out:

On Demand Valet:
Zirx: Raiklin

Luxe: IVAN20

Sep 1, 2015

How To Earn Friends And Influence People On Social Media: Ep. 191


"The amateur Tweets. The pro works." --Steven Pressfield

Social Media is everywhere, but how can we manage our own social media so that we can help our creative business and increase our social influence? What are the common mistakes people make on social media that drive other people crazy, and hurt your online reputation? Is there a point when we need to step away?

Tim and Jelly talk social media on this week's episode. Chime in with your thoughts, and questions. We like to be social!