Episode #104: Hope Operas & Teen Dad, Jett Jones


Not to be theatrical, but our conversation with  Chris Griffin and Amy Baska of Hope Operas will change your life (for the better).  This will impress you: Hope Operas may be the world's first serialized theatre festival. What?!?  Every year, since 2009. Hope Operas brings together approximately 60 DC area theatre artists to create five original works to raise money for local non-profits. This year's theme is "Cartoons for Adults" #Monday Night is the new Saturday Morning@HopeOperas  Follow them and have fun with that hashtag!

Hope Operas was founded by Chris Griffin and in a JellyVision Show exclusive, he crowns the highly medicated Amy Baska as the 2014 Artistic Director of Hope Operas! Wow! Congratulations Amy Baska!
And get this! The shows are presented in serial format: On the first night, the audience sees the first episode (10-15 minutes) of all five. A week later, they see the second episode, and so on. Audiences vote for their favorite show each evening--the show with the most votes raises the most money for its nonprofit. So freaking cool. Get entertained and feel good about yourself.

It's theatre, it's competition, it's for a good cause... and it's hilarious! 2013 Hope Operas begin Monday Oct. 7th and continue every Monday in October. Shows start at 8pm at The Comedy Spot in Arlington's Ballston Mall. Just $15--small price, big impact! Pow!

We are soon joined by Jett Jones, my teen dad neighbor. He is working all the angles to capitalize on his poor baby. His reality show, Teen Dad has been pitched to the EPT Network and negotiations are in the works. In order to promote the show, Jett is letting the public name his four month old son via an online poll. Please cast your vote and Name Jett's Baby. The name in the lead at the time of this post is Shitt Baby. Yep, double T's are on purpose.

After casting your vote, check out Hope Operas upcoming shows. Don't miss opening night on Oct. 7th! And don't forget to have a few drinks before and after.

Special thanks to DC Improviser, Bryan Jackson, for playing Jett Jones, teen dad of Shitt Baby.