Episode #88: Krissy Downing & The Mind Painter


Tim & Jelly are blown away by the talents of surreal DC artist, K(Q)rissy Downing. They talk to Qrissy about her art, inspiration and upcoming solo show, Paradigm, at The Dunes on June 7th.  In addition to being a self-taught artist, Qrissy is a violinist with American Sinner. American Sinner is a DC-based gothic Americana/folk-noir rock band formed in late 2004We play an American Sinner song during the show! Although we mention that we played the wrong version of the song, we replaced it in editing with the version that features Qrissy on violin. Enjoy!

Qrissy is also an inventor and has several invention patents pending. Her talents just don't stop!

Oz Lamonz, self-entitled Mind Painter soon joins them all, along with his apprentice, Janx.  Oz paints without using canvas, paint or any other tangible materials. He simply helps his clients visualize a painting by talking them through the details of a painting he imagines. His visualized paintings sell for thousands of dollars. Clients like the portability and ease of owning a painting that hangs in their mind.  Oz does disappoint us all with his failed attempt at doing his first group mind painting. Jelly did not realize that you have to wait for  imaginary paint to dry.

Jelly will be at Qrissy's solo show on June 7th. Please come add to your art collection and say "hi".

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