The Insidious Habits That Destroy Your Business and Creativity with James Marlowe of Marlowe Ink: Ep. 182



"The ego is very good at making you think it is necessary." 

- James Marlowe, Owner of Marlowe Ink & Artbot Gallery

Sometimes, you switch out of auto-pilot, and realize that you've wasted precious time and energy on stupid, worthless, little things that have added nothing of value to your life. On their own, they seem innocent enough. But, these little things, given a little time, grow to giant time leaches, engorged with the blood from your missed opportunities and untapped potential.

We talk to James Marlowe, the owner of Marlowe Ink Tattoo and the InkBot Art Gallery about recognizing and conquering, the insidious dangers that can f*ck up your business, creativity, and your life. 

"We try to slow down the process so people can make an informed decision about a tattoo that will look good in the long run."--James

James gave up his insidious dangers: excessive drinking, drugs, video games and making excuses and gained: a thriving business, a pop surrealist art gallery, leadership qualities and a more meaningful, balanced life. That is what it's all about! 

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