The Dumb Factor Can Lead To Small Business Success with Mobius Records: Ep. 218


"Living as an entrepreneur is so much more thrilling than working as an employee."
--Dempsey Hamilton

We are updating our format with a series of small business owners, acting as our guest co-hosts!  We will delve into grounded conversations about the good and bad realities of being an entrepreneur. This week, we talk to Dempsey Hamilton, owner of Mobius Records about how being a little cluelessness can work in our favor when we decide to start a business. After not being able to find a record he wanted at a record store, Dempsey said to himself on his way home. "Fuck it, I'm opening a record shop." A month later he had a signed lease and the rest is history. His business is thriving and after a year, he is already looking to expand.

"If I don't try this now, I'm gonna live with the regret that I never tried." --Dempsey Hamilton

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