Questioning Ourselves To Clarity Part 1: Ep. 210


"Constantly think about how you could be doing things better, and keep questioning yourself." --Elon Musk

We came across the blog post, "Ten Questions For Work That Matters" by Seth Godin, and struggled to answer several of the questions. They really got us thinking about our business, goals, and legacy. After spending some time working on our answers, we started to see how answering them gave us some additional clarity into how our actions today, will effect our legacy years from now, as well as impact the chances of reaching our vision of success.

This is a 2-Part episode that includes discussion on each of the questions as well as some additional questions we added to the mix. Please share your own answers with us, and let us know which ones were the hardest for you. Do you know what people say about you behind your back?

Thanks for listening! Keep questioning yourself AND authority!