Podcasting With A Purpose. Therm and Rozay from Excuse My Adlib: Ep. 226


“There is only one success- to be able to spend your life in your own way.”

--Christopher Morley

It's a podcast mash up this week with the guys from the Excuse My Adlib Podcast and network. Big Therm and Rozay J share the passion and motivations behind their show which stems from a lifelong, positive relationship with hip hop music. 

Our conversation meanders to government oppression during coffee talk when we unwrap the news that Insane Clown Posse is organizing a march on Washington, DC to protest the FBI.

Getting to the point where you can support yourself full-time with your passion is often a process. For a process to start, you have to be proactive. Are you taking the steps towards your freedom of employment? Those first steps can be the scariest. We discuss some specific steps that Therm and Rozay can take with their show to make it an income producing venture. Here are some steps you can take towards your own entrepreneurial independence.

Getting To Your Freedom Day:

  • Figure out your monthly expenses so you know exactly how much money you need each month.

  • Where can you cut expenses?
  • Do something to move your business forward every day. Even if it's just 1% a day. Daily progress is essential. Don't stall, don't stagnate.
  • Find a group of entrepreneurs to meet with on a regular basis. You can find groups on MeetUp or form your own Mastermind group with the purpose of accountability and maintaining focus on your goals.
  • Get your first paying client-- a core client that can provide a source of predictable income and act as your business starter.

  • Network weekly, and be very outspoken about what you do for people.Meet as many people as you can. 

  • Grab your matching social media handles and establish an online presence.

  • Figure out exactly what you do and state it simply in a sentence.

  • Start before you are ready because you will never be 100% ready.Don't wait for a moment that will never occur. 

  • Stop sleeping so much and having so much fun. 

    "Entrepreneurship is living a few yearsof your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest ofyour life like most people cant.” --Warren G. Tracy’s student

    • Stop making excuses. You will never move forward as long as they exist. 

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