Patience Is Not A Virtue, It’s A Waste Of Time: Ep. 189



Fortune Favors the Brave and Impatient! 

This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast we discuss how we sometimes hide procrastination and fear behind the guise of being patient. As entrepreneurs and creators, we can't afford to be patient. The one resource we can not replenish is time, so it is important that we push ourselves into uncomfortable territory to accomplish our goals and realize our dreams .

Have you been patiently waiting....

  • For the right time?
  • To get better or even (gasp!) perfect?
  • For opportunities to come to you?
  • For other people's permission or approval?
  • To say you are sorry?
  • To take the leap? 
  • To learn something new?
  • For dessert?

Lets be impatient together and get things done!  If you have any time left, we'd appreciate an iTunes or Stitcher review. We can't wait to get your feedback! --Love, Jelly