Oscar Santana of The Mike Omeara Show Shares His Business Lessons from Radio & Podcasting: Ep. 193


"Take your 'Big Mac' recipe and do something with it on your own."---Oscar Santana, President MORE Broadcasting

Podcasters and other creators can learn a lot from terrestrial radio. Oscar Santana is a radio talk show host with the top-rated, Mike O'Meara Show. He is also a co-host on the Big O and Dukes Show and Tech 411 Podcasts. His start in terrestrial radio taught him many lessons that he is now applying to monetizing his podcasts and growing his start-up company, FreeAppCompany.

Are you applying Oscar's 4 Quadrants For Success?

  • Be Honest. Find and use your authentic voice at all times.
  • Create with Consistency, Consistently 
  • Have a clean, professional website or blog as well as a consistent social media presence to appear attractive to potential advertisers, listeners and customers at first glance.
  • Take advantage of  Amazon Affiliate links on your website for some easy, passive income

"Talk about what you are passionate about, and it will be conveyed in your work." --Oscar