Kick Your Assets Into Gear: Ep. 220


“If only I'd known my differentness would be an asset, then my earlier life would have been much easier.”

Bette Midler

We are talking about assets! Not stocks, bonds, and real estate (those are great)--but a personal portfolio of assets we can start creating today in order to have multiple revenue streams, and long-term stability in our creative businesses.

You probably already have assets! Think of the things you have built or created that add value to your brand. These can include a podcast, a book, an email list, an online store, prints from an original painting, a network, a blog, or even a web series like our good friend, Alexis Turrentine is creating called The Set Life!

Sure, you can trade time for money when you provide a service, but that is  short-term income, and we want to build stability, and long-term opportunities.

You can't have too many assets, and they will all start to feed each other, and create extreme value. So start investing in yourselves today, JellyVisionaries!  Berkshire Hathaway has nothing on you. Your personal stock is going to sky rocket! 

As always, We believe in you! Be Weird. Be Successful.