Just Add Weird: Live As Many Lives As You Can with Cara Foran Ep. 183


Fitting In Is A Short-Term Strategy, Standing Out Pays Off In The Long Run

--Seth Godin

Adding creative pursuits to your life changes everything! Just ask Cara Foran! Cara works full-time in the corporate world, but also lives out loud as a writer, storyteller, and improviser. She is also living the life of a solo show star. Her show, District of Cara, debuts at the 2015 Capital Fringe Festival in DC, July 11-25th. Buy Tickets Here!

Adding all this creative hustle to her life has resulted in amazing, unforeseen benefits:

  • She is part of a  supportive community and made a new network of interesting friends and collaborators
  • She is much happier at her job
  • Rather than feeling drained after work, she is now energized and inspired
  • She is even more fascinating and has a lot more than just her job to talk about
  • She is constantly challenging herself
  • She is more confident and comfortable standing out
  • Her emotional intelligence is extreme!
  • She sparkles (seriously)

Find ways to stand out and be creative. Start small by taking a class, or wearing an odd piece of clothing. Let us know how weird you get! 

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