Going All In On Meaningful Conversation with Goat Rodeo: Episode 194



Ian Enright and Carlisle Sargent went all-in on the launch of their entrepreneurial venture, Goat Rodeo; the first Washington, DC based podcast network. They believe careful curation of a long-form audio format can bring back meaningful conversations to a fast-paced, list-filled media. The foundation for their network's vision is centered on authenticity.

We just want the truth...In Our Ears!

They believe raw honesty, a unique voice, and quality production will attract advertisers interested in the benefits of podcast marketing. What makes their vision refreshing is that they plan on showing the buying power of smaller audiences who are loyal to their podcasts and interested in businesses and products they represent.

Goat Rodeo launched on International Podcast Day with it's flagship shows, TGR Podcast and Revivalism, Season 1. You can look forward to additional shows on their network launching in the near future, including one surrounded with controversy!

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