Episode #98: Pete Bergen, Herbie Gill, Tucker “Nubby” Johnson and SharkNerdo!


This episode has a bite! Tim and Jelly get chummy with Pete Bergen and Herbie Gill!  We talk comedy, process, groaners and why the need for laughs has the same consequences as drug addiction. And because producer, Alexis Turrentine, loves Shark Week, they are eventually joined by two more enthusiastic guests. Tucker "Nubby" Johnson is a shark attack survivor and takes on sharks with a jet ski and an AK-47. Melanie Finnegan created the chompular blog, SharkNerdo and is an emotional advocate for sharks. Things get a little rough, but we all make it out alive.

Pete Bergen is a DC improviser, stand-up comic and founder of Chinese Menu Comedy. Chinese Menu has been a catalyst for bringing improvisers and comics together for shows and workshops since 2011. Over 100 people from WIT, UCB, IO, PHIT, Magnet and other theaters have come together to perform and play thanks to the efforts of Pete and Chinese Menu. Chinese Menu is planning another weekend of improv workshops and a show in September. Follow Chinese Menu Comedy on Facebook for the latest happenings. Pete is also involved in an upcoming fundraiser on Oct. 26th for Natasha's Justice Project. Natasha's Justice Project seeks to have every rape kit tested and they consider any rape kit that has not been tested to be a part of the backlog.

Herbie Gill is a DC based comedian who performs his unique brand of comedy all of the country. Most recently, he performed at the DC Improv, opening for Gilbert Gottfried. You can see Herbie perform next on August 8th at Old Dominion Brew House Live. and August 20th at BLORP See Herbie's full schedule HERE. Keep up with Herbie Gill on Twitter too.