Episode #99: Blind Pug Arts Collective & Crystal “Meth” Smith


We are 99 episodes old, so of course we have a lot of wrinkles and folds. So, its perfectly fitting that we chat with the creative bitches from the Blind Pug Arts Collective. Lauren Alexander is the marketing and communications director as well as the co-founder of Blind Pug. Medha Marsten is the artistic director and co-founder of Blind Pug.
Blind Pug Arts Collective is a recently formed venture by a group of freshly graduated American University students. They established themselves with instant street cred after their critically acclaimed 2013 Capital Fringe Fest production of Polaroid Stories. And because we just can't get enough of that #puglove, we invited Pug crusader, Crystal "Meth" Smith", founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Pugs. Crystal believes that Pugs are being cruelly exploited by Supreme Court Justices among others. She tries to convince Blind Pug to change their name to Blind Poodle or Funky Chihuahua.

What is next for Blind Pug? Oh, just a one act play festival. What a bold and ambitious second project! And they need a name for it--apparently, Uno Poop was not a fave. Give them some help on the Blind Pug Arts Collective Facebook Page! . Submissions are due Oct. 1st and all the details can be found on their Facebook page.

Special thanks to Anne Polsky, a talented DC improviser and co-founder of Hand Poured Sketch, for playing Crystal "Meth" Smith.