Episode #97: Charlie Visconage & Dr. Drrropdat Kleenex, Grief Counselor


In this episode, Tim and Jelly speak to the host and creator of The Charlie Visconage Show--Charlie Visconage!  His incredibly entertaining, live, night-time variety talk show will come to an end with a bombastic FINAL SHOW on August 23rd at DCAC.  Guests will include artists Dana Ellyn and Matt Sesow, Jennifer Tress (Founder of You're Not Pretty Enough), and Born I, rapper. We learn about the genesis of the show, the talented people involved with it's creation, all the hard work involved to make it a success and why it is all coming to an end.

Tim and Jelly decide to help Charlie say Good-bye to The Charlie Visconage Show by providing free grief counselling by Dr. Drrropdat Kleenex (Jamal Newman), a distant cousin by arranged marriage to Deepak Chopra. Dr. Kleenex is the author of soon-to-be best selling book, "Drop That Kleenex and Pick Up Your Life".  He has debunked the belief that there are only 5 Stages to Grief. Drropdat has a list of 26 stages of grief, and he is still discovering more in his travels. These new, grief stages include:  Memory Defecation, Dry Dreams, Kitten Smiles, Carrot Blindness, Pig Nipple and Sunken Toilet Posture. We soon discovered that Charlie was suffering from all of these.

In the end, after a lot of work by Dr. Kleenex, we cure Charlie of his crippling sadness, memory defecation, etc so he can move forward and look ahead to even more success. Charlie's future is bright!!