Episode #94: Screenwriter, Dan Reheuser & President of The Transgender Avengers


Tim and Jelly learn all about living on the paper cutting edge of life as a struggling screenwriter in LA in this  episode of The JellyVision Show. Screenwriter, Dan Reheuser, shares the secrets of his semi-success and failures working as a writer. Dan is currently working on the pilot for his current project Tiny Champions. Dan is also an assistant story editor on the controversial cartoon, SheZow, that debuted on The Hub Network June 1st and was created by Obie Scott Wade. The so-called controversy centers around the main character, Guy Hamdon, who must wear a female superhero costume in order to fight crime. This apparently upsets some people who love the services at The Westboro Baptist Church. Ah--Woman.

SheZow has plenty of fans and supporters of the cartoon. One group, embracing the show's theme, is The Transgender Avengers. Miss Bruschetta Appateaser, President of the T.A, surprised Dan Rehauser with an award, but yo (gender neutral pronoun, not a typo) is a little disappointed when he doesn't share hir (gender neutral pronoun) vision for season 2.

Sparks fly and things get revealed. Our producer, Alexis, used to be Alex. What?!? And now we know how she wins so many arm wrestling contests.

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Special Thanks to DC improviser, Jeff Hughes, for playing Bruschetta with so much sass. Jeff is the head Buddha of Happy Buddha Productions which puts together improv variety shows all over Washington, DC. Thanks Jeff!