Episode 175: Producing Business Events Like A Boss


Producing your own events helps you get connected with people on your terms!

This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast, we continue last week's discussion about producing your own events. As a small business, producing an event that offers value to your audience can showcase your leadership in your field,  give you valuable exposure to a new network of potential customers, and expose you up to new opportunities.  In this episode we discuss how to produce a successful event or gathering in order to reap all those benefits.

The Elements of A Successful Event:

  • Figure out why the event is needed. What is the value and to whom? Is your event Educational? Entertaining? Will it provide valuable Networking?
  • Be extremely organized. Start with an event outline with a detailed time line. Make a daily/weekly To-Do list based on your time line and delegate what you can.
  • Communicate expectations with everyone involved in planning your event. Also communicate to your attendees all the details about the event and exactly what to expect and why they want to attemd.
  • Be creative. Make your event unique and memorable.
  • Pick an appropriate venue. A large venue may seem glamorous, but without a lot of people to fill it, your event could look like a flop. A small venue may be a better fit. Also consider cost, location, parking, handicap accessibility and bathrooms.
  • A free event does not always mean bigger attendance. It is too easy for people to back out of a free event. Even a $10 ticket will ensure a commitment.
  • Consider building a community in advance of a larger event. Bring people together who might not have a networking or support group that caters to them. They will be your built-in audience for your larger event that offers something of value or interest to them.