Episode #174: The Business Of Being A Super, Sexy, Successful Producer with Che’ Monique and Chris Jay



"I live life at a 13, so maybe that will give someone else permission to live at an 8."

--Che' Monique

This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast, we speak to Che' Monique and Chris Jay, two producers of Chocolate City Burlesque and Cabaret. Chocolate City Burlesque and Cabaret is dedicated to celebrating and preserving the art of black burlesque. As producers of a performance troupe that provides a safe, supportive community for people of color, they quickly learned that their core values had to translate in their brand, marketing, protocols and performances. Get your VIP Tickets to their upcoming Summer Soulstice on July 24th at Gala Theatre.

"Sometimes in business you start out fishing for Bass, but all you get is Trout and you have to figure out what is going on." --Chris Jay

We speak with Che' and Chris about how they approach productions like a business in order to ensure a successful show. They each run individual businesses separate from Chocolate City Burlesque, so these busy women have to have their act together. Impressive!

Che' Monique is building her personal brand and she just launched her own line of all natural, multi-purpose lotion, Che' Butter. We are already addicted to it! Chris is a very busy, professional photographer, event videographer, and brand consultant. You can find her at Chris Jay Photo.

Tips for Being a Super, Sexy, Successful Producer:

  • Have a plan, have a passion, have the people (a committed team is everything) 
  • Respect the talent always
  • Build trust and earn respect by sharing your enthusiasm, communicating effectively, and following through on everything.
  • Come up with solutions, not excuses
  • Delegate your weaknesses
  • It's never about you, it's about US
  • Make everyone else look awesome
  • Praise publicly, criticize privately
  • Collaboration breeds Innovation. Innovation breeds excitement.
  • Have systems and stick to them
  • Know your audience
  • Define expectations immediately
  • Forget Plan B, you need Plan Cs in place for every production
  • Give away the credit for your production's success, and accept the responsibility for any failures. 
  • Handle problems swiftly and decisively. 
  • Turn ideas into actions
  • Learn how to do a press release
  • Use social media and new media
  • If you can't get the attention of big-name press, use other channels such as blogs & podcasts to build buzz
  • Give yourself plenty of time to promote
  • Make sure everyone has the tools and support they need to do their job
  • Be experimental. Create an atmosphere that breeds magic by welcoming failure during the creative process
  • Empower people by validating their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses
  • Negativity is a cancer, and it must be removed immediately.
  • Always have a "Next" to keep your momentum

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