Episode #173: Freelancing For Your Freedom


I only write when inspiration strikes, fortunately it strikes at 9am every morning. --William Faulkner

Freelancer: A person who works as a writer, designer, artist, performer or the like, selling services independently, rather than working for an employer.

This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast, we have a conversation with freelance writers, Amy Souza and Amanda Miska about the freelancing lifestyle. We discuss tips on how to design the life you want by working for yourself. Amy Souza is a writer, editor and founder of the call and response project, Spark. Amanda Miska is the Editor-In-Chief of Split Lip Magazine. Her fiction and non-fiction work has been published in a really long list of magazines, journals, blogs, and quarterlies.

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We also discuss a blog post by freelance web designer, Paul Jarvis, titled, "Stop Doing Shit You Don't Like." We discuss how empowering it is to have every life choice back in your power. Even just the ability to take time to stare out the window can be a small luxury when you work for yourself. Check out Paul's online course for freelancers called The Creative Class. You can also follow Paul on Twitter @pjrvs

Some Tips for Freelancers:

  • You have to be a show off and it will feel oogie. Oh well. Get comfortable showing people what you do.
  • Nobody is looking for you. Go to your audience.
  • You need a website/blog.
  • Be honest about what you love to do the most and do that as much as possible.
  • Define your customer--What is your specialty? (see above)
  • Don't play in the $5 sandbox. Find the unique thing(s) you have to offer.
  • Be a Follow-Up Freak.
  • Plant seeds with everyone you meet to fertilize your success.
  • Look and behave professionally online and in-person.
  • Distractions are your worst enemy. Eliminate them when you are working.
  • Put your portfolio together that will speak to the kind of clients you want.
  • You may have to do some free work to build your portfolio, but do it smart, and don't be shy about asking for a reference or testimonial as soon as the work is accepted.
  • You can't do it all on social media. You have to make face to face connections.

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