Episode #171: Breaking Average As A Creative Entrepreneur


"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."
-- Herman Melville

Innovation and success never happen in the averages. This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast, Tim and Jelly discuss ways to gauge the fitness of your small business in order to break the average and stand out in exceptional ways to your customers and peers.

Some Big Questions From This Episode:

  • Are you profitable?
  • Is Your customer base growing? 
  • Are you thrilling customers with supreme customer service and a superior product or service?
  • Are you differentiating yourself from your competition and communicating that edge in your sales?
  • Do you know your target audience? 
  • Is your business giving you the lifestyle you desire?
  • Are you thinking and acting with the future in mind?
  • Are you networking Face to Face consistently?
  • Are you constantly curious and learning about your industry, current trends and trying to notice evidence of future trends that could effect your business?
  • Are you personal ethics and core values in your business? 

We ask these questions and more on this 171st episode of The JellyVision Show Podcast. If you enjoy the show, please let us know by subscribing/rating on iTunes and Stitcher. You can also email comments and suggestions to jellyvisionshow@gmail.com