Episode #168: Rock Your Reinvention with Philippa Hughes and Karen Yankosky



Rock Your Reinvention

This week we talk to Philippa Hughes and Karen Yankosky; best friends and co-hosts of the Women of Uncertain Age PodcastPhilippa is an arts activist and the founder of The Pinkline Project. In addition, she writes the Art Is Fear blog, is a public speaker and is currently working on a memoir. Karen is the author of Good Luck With That Thing You Are Doing and writes comedically on her blog, Splatospheric. She does this all while being a lawyer!  These two are SUPER women.

Our Topic this week is REINVENTION. Philippa and Karen have experienced major reinventions after their divorces and other pivotal moments in their lives. James Altucher says in his blog post, The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Reinventing Yourself, "Reinvention never stops. You decide every day--forward or back." Reinvention is a chance to pursue fresh passions and make a fresh start, but it is scary and full of risk.

Here are just some of the tips from this episode to help you in your reinvention.

Philippa's Tip: Write down your personal core values & Live by them

Karen's Tip: Relentlessly Prioritize based on your goals and values

Tim's Tip: Take care of your health and everything else will be ok

Alexis' Tip: Just go for it. Sometimes you need a change and you can't wait to have every detail figured out.

Jelly's Tip: Visualize the life that you want to have and surround yourself with visual reminders of that vision, so when FEAR starts talking you can look at your vision and re-focus.

We all got a lot out of this episode which is dedicated to our dear, talented friend and JVS Team member, Alexis Turrentine. Alexis is embarking on her own reinvention and moving to LA to pursue her dream of being a television writer. We totally believe in her and wish her all the luck! Follow her adventures at @FermentedJokes.