Episode #165: Artists Need To Be Loud with Jessica Kallista of Olly Olly


Create xx Collaborate xx Make Some Noise

This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast, we welcome back Artrepreneur, Jessica Kallista. Jessica is a collage artist, poet and founder of Olly Olly, a new alternative art space in Fairfax, Virginia. We find out how her vision to bring art and art opportunities to suburbia where everyone is boxed in by their homes. cars and cubicles. She wants people to have the opportunity for shared experiences in order to increase awareness and appreciation of the arts. By building a variety of revenue streams into her business model, Jessica has the freedom to bring more ephemeral art experiences, like performance art to Olly Olly.

The mission of Olly Olly to offer a public space to indie artists, reminded us of a recent blog post on Creative Something by Tanner Christenson. He spoke of the famous Steve Martin quote that we all love: "Be So Good They Can't Ignore You". Tanner suggested that creatives modify the quote to "Be So Loud, They Can't Ignore You. He makes the point that you waste the value of your work, if nobody knows you and your work exist. We encourage creators to be loud, noisy beasts and share their work with the world. There are effective, strategic ways to do this, so you get noticed for all the right reasons.

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How can creators get noticed?

  • Have an active Social Media presence
  • Create a blog and post content consistently
  • Update/Make a LinkedIn Profile  (You are a creative professional)
  • Start saying I am an artist. I am a writer. I am a musician. Your bank account does not make you a creator, your work does.
  • Organize Shit (art shows, funky events, writing groups, festivals, open mics, MeetUp groups, etc)
  • Get Out and Network with non-creatives. You will fascinate them. They need you.
  • Be original by being you. You have a unique voice and style that belongs only to you.
  • Know your audience. Then talk to them. Share Your Story.
  • Be places. If you are an artist, go to as many art shows, talks and art events as you can. 
  • Collaborate with other creators