Episode #157: Sara Armour: Create Your BluePrint & Reach Your Most Absurd Goals!



This week we speak to Comedian, Improviser, Life Coach and Creativity Coach, Sara Armour.  Sara is also the co-founder of Ready Set Glow, a female empowerment program that helps women find their purpose and take their lives to the next level.

Sara teaches us about creating a blue print for your life based on "Your Most Important Thing". This blueprint will give you the ability to navigate the bullshit and gain the clarity and focus you need to reach your most far out goals. You really can do anything!

In this episode you will also learn how to take the critical steps to turn your creative passions into a viable business. And how important creative outlets are to our overall happiness, well being and even career success.

10 Steps to Take Your Hobby or Your Life to Incredible Places!

  • Decide What Is Most Important to you and then work backwards
  • Create Your BluePrint
  • Get Out of Your Own Way & Eliminate Excuses. Excuses are just fears in disguise.
  • Get comfortable with self doubt.
  • Get a group--group coaching, masterminds and mentors who will be supportive, brutally honest and hold you accountable.
  • Listen to The Universe
  • Invest in Yourself --coaching, training, your health, your relationships
  • Face the Money. Determine what you need to make, set the goal and do only things that support your creative choice
  • Think outside the box and discover the possibilities of different revenue streams such as Webinars, Find Collaborators, Blog Sponsors, Products, Events
  • Make the Time. Do The Work. Tell The World.

Are you ready for a life coach? Sara comes highly recommended by Tim Trueheart who is enrolled in her group coaching program. You can reach Sara at SaraArmourCoaching.com.

Need a Laugh? Please follow Sara on Twitter and check out her comedy on SaraArmour.com