Episode #158: Ezra Winter: Get Social, Get Hustling, Get Paid



Happy New Year from all of us at The JellyVision Show Podcast! It's the last episode of the year!  Jelly calls 2015 the Year of Making Money!  Tim and Jelly ponder the pain and pleasure on the journey to creative success. Gary Vaynerchuck is mentioned multiple times on this episode (for good reason--we love Gary Vee!)  as we delve into social media success secrets with Social Media-ist, blogger, freelance writer and soon-to-be author, Ezra Winter.

As creative entrepreneurs with several interests, we discuss juggling multiple creative projects successfully.

Jelly pushes podcasting on Ezra like a drug dealer pushing her last kilo of cocaine. We think he is convinced! or Scared. Podcasting is awesome.

We also discuss getting paid for what you create and finding different ways to put what you do, out into the world. Ezra defines success as FREEDOM and getting paid for what you create is an important part of that equation. Remember, 2015 is the year of Making Money!

Ezra lived in an office. Weird. We like weird.
He wants Tim Ferriss' Life. We get that.

You should Buy Ezra's Shirt: It says "White People Will Buy Anything"
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