Episode #155: Shannah Boone: Her Time for Dreaming Wasn’t Done



Can you pursue your passion and be a good parent?

Shannah Boone drove eight hours to be on The JellyVision Show to give us the answer!  We met Shannah on Twitter (Follow Her!) when she was promoting her Kickstarter campaign for her upcoming album, Bugs In My LipGloss. Shannah is an indie musician from Elizabeth City, NC. She is also a wife, substitute teacher,  and mother of two young children. After having children, Shannah thought her time for dreaming was done. She felt guilty taking any time away from the family to continue her lifelong dream of playing music. Fortunately, she soon realized that she would serve her family better by being true to herself and started working hard to pursue the dream of providing a better life for her family through her music.

Shannah shows us all that the time for dreaming is never done but the time for doing is now.