Episode #151: Grow Your Fan Base with John PapaGeorgiou



This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast we talk to fellow podcaster, John PapaGeorgiou of the Papa's Basement Podcast. John has been podcasting since 2007 and is passionate about the medium. Our discussion this episode is about how to build a loyal fan base in order to become a successful, creative brand. Bow down to all the genius in this episode!

Want more audience?  Try These Tips from The JellyVision Show #151:

  • Cling to your first fans and nurture them as much as possible by engaging with them. They are the base to your success stew!
  • Use Reddit
  • Get as many Likes on Facebook and Followers on Twitter as possible and make sure to let them know what you do through active engagement.
  • Be Consistent and Log In More Hours
  • Stickers are better than business cards for creatives because they are cheaper and can end up in unlikely places
  • Know who your audience is so you can connect with the people who want to consume your creative product
  • Think creatively--Tim's Instagram plan and Alexis' Vine Plan are good examples!