Episode #150: Michael Dougherty: Creatively Launch Your Business for Under $200



This week we talk to accidental FilmMaker and Soon-to-Be Podcaster, Michael Dougherty about having the balls to get his first film, a Firefly Fan Film, blessed by Joss Whedon. Michael also shares how the film raised $117,000 for charity and how he got to hang out with Joss.. Since then, Michael has continued to make films with Big Damn Films as well as provide consulting services on crowdfunding strategy. He is about to launch his first podcast, Your Crowdfunding Sucks, in order to help more people launch successful crowdfunding campaigns.

We also discuss creative ways to get your business started with very little money. Joining the conversation is Coco Furnell, designer of fashionable squirrel sweaters and small business owner of Bushy Treasures where she sells handmade, cat-hair sweaters for upper middle class squirrels. Coco is currently, creatively funding her business by accepting dares for money.  She is nuts for her business!  We dare you not to get one of her sweaters!

No Excuses Tips! Anyone Can Start a Business for Under $200! 

  • Take Pre-Sale Orders
  • Take on a Side Business or Job to gain access to a similar, but larger audience
  •  Sell Your Stuff
  • Use a FREE Wordpress Site or Facebook Pagefor your initial web presence
  • Look for Promo Codes for GoDaddy to get a cheap Domain Name: Such as solo349 (Get a Domain name for $3.49)
  • Get a Logo and more for just $5 on Fiverr
  • Create Gigs on Fiverr to build your client base, resume and portfolio
  • Tell all your friends, family and strangers what you are doing...repeatedly
  • Set Up a free PayPal account so you are ready to accept payments!

Special Thanks to Alexis Turrentine for bringing Coco Furnell to life!