Episode #148: MTS Music on Building a Successful Creative Team


On this episode of The JellyVision Show Podcast, we welcome back music engineer and producer, Matthew Shell, CEO of MTS Music. You can hear Matthew on our 74th Episode. He returns with some of his MTS Team, including singer/songwriter Ihsan Bilal (Top 100 on itunes R&B), MTS Music manager, Terra Tuono,  and his Marketing Expert, Andres Escobar.  Fresh from the successful launch of the single My Baby which Matthew wrote and dedicated to his wife, the team talks to us in depth about:

*What it takes to put together a successful creative team
*Authenticity and Generosity in the music industry
*Identifying Integrity and building trust
*Determining everyone's strengths and weaknesses
*Social Media & Branding Strategy
*Networking in your industry
*Choosing to work only with highly talented, passionate, hard working people
*How to Launch your music project
*Treating the music business as a lifestyle, not a hobby

The video above features vocals by Ihsan Bilal (Teal), Honore' and D.C. Don Juan.