Episode 145: Richard McMurry: The Art of the Art Show Hustle


Painting by Richard McMurry, Severn Art. 2014

This week on The JellyVision Shpw Podcast we talk to indie artist, Richard McMurry, about the art show hustle. Richard talks to us about having to sacrifice some of the time he usually spends painting, on a marketing strategy in order to increase the success of his art shows.  Richard is an amazing surreal painter based in Northern Virginia.

It is all about the art of the hustle in order for artists to reach an audience and earn a loyal fan base. Here are some of the art hustle tips we share  on this episode:

--hit the pavement with a smile and postcards
--network even when you are an introvert. Just put on a different hat!
--Be authentic
--Talk to people, tell your story and make a genuine connection
--learn how to leverage social media to continue the conversationction
--vary your price points by changing the format of your art in order to appeal to a new art collecting audience
--Tell everyone you know what you do and what you have going on
--Make friends with Design Groups
--Contact other arts organizations and forge mutually beneficial relationships (Thanks NOMA!)
--build & use your email list
--Give something away to attract an audience
--Be professional
--Be an artist with a capital "A"

In addition to marketing,  we have some fun throwing around some ideas for art shows we would like to see happen. Richard is producing an upcoming art show, The Black Light Show, which opens Sept. 27th from 8-11pm at The Fairfax Art League. Enjoy food, drinks and mild intoxication! You can also see his work at Gallery NK now until the closing reception on Thursday Oct. 2nd from 5-8pm.