Episode #144: Photographer James L. Hicks: Following Your Guides to Find Your Passion



On this week's episode of The JellyVision Show Podcast, we speak to indie photographer James L. Hicks about his career path from fashion and celebrity photographer to author/photographer of the coffee table book trilogy, Drag Dolls, Dames & Divas. In the first book from the series, James captures the stunning artistry of various genres of Drag Queens. The pages of the book are incredible examples of his extreme talents as a photographer. Already celebrating international sales and high praise, Drag Dolls, Dames & Divas will be proudly displayed on many coffee tables and will be sure to spark some incredible conversations. We can't wait for Volume 2!

On his way to his first indie publishing endeavor, James encountered several "guides" who led him to his current passion. These guides were people in his life who influenced him with subtle suggestions--one of which was a suggestion by a friend to watch RuPaul's Drag Race which inspired him to want to work with Drag Queens and launch the Drag Dolls, Dames & Divas Coffee Table Book Series. Through hardwork, networking and intuition, James is a creative entrepreneurship success story!

From Amazon!

"The ultra-fabulous Drag Dolls, Dames & Divas that grace the glossy pages are some of today's most popular female impersonators (including former contestants from RuPaul's Drag Race). This work of art includes many styles of drag ranging from the beauty queen to the campy queen, the fishy(realistic) girl to the gender bender and the celebrity impersonator to the girl next door. This fierce book is a must have for your coffee table. A portion of the proceeds from this fabulous book will be donated to the It Gets Better Project."