Episode 143: Rayceen Pendarvis: Finding Your Purpose



This week on The JellyVision Show Podcast, we are privileged to speak with Rayceen Pendarvis. Rayceen is a creative entrepreneur, activist, writer for Swerve Magazine, community leader, gender blender, organizer for the LGBT community and Host of the live, monthly talk show at LIV Nightclub, The Ask Rayceen Show.

We talk to Rayceen about walking in his purpose and standing in his light. Rayceen has a very clear idea of who he is and his calling in the world and is strongly guided by his spirituality.

Rayceen is also a great example of the power of positivity and kindness. As an active member of the LGBT community for over thirty years, Rayceen has seen many friends die way too soon. Despite, an unreasonable amount of tragedy, he used the experiences to motivate him to always maintain a positive impact in his community.

And the LGBT community is a driving force of inspiration and support for his current project, The Ask Rayceen Show. Rayceen is the host and producer of this free, monthly talk show that gives opportunities to a variety of artists in the LGBT community. Part of the show includes a segment where Rayceen offers up frank and open advice on relationship and sex issues.

We learned a lot from Rayceen about defining your purpose and acting on it with extreme kindness.

Don't miss the next Ask Rayceen Show on Wed. Sept. 10th at 7pm!  It is FREE, FUN and ALL are welcome! You can meet the photographer and author of Drag Dolls, Dames and Divas, James L. Hicks too!
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