Episode #142: Comedy Entrepreneur Wayne Manigo: On Sacrificing for THE Dream



What are you willing to do to accomplish your dreams?  Would you live in your car for a year with a smile on your face? In this powerful episode of The JellyVision Show, we talk to Wayne Manigo about the extreme sacrifices he made for his entrepreneurial dreams, the power of positivity and the importance of practicing the laws of attraction. Wayne is a Washington, DC stand-up comic, writer, producer, co-founder of the DC Comedy Writers Group, a contributing columnist for Stage Time Magazine with his column, Addicted to Comedy and an accomplished home chef.

Minnie Jeremiahed joins the conversation to learn how she can steer her comedy careers in the right direction. Minnie is the first ever multiple-personality comic. She is one person with many unique comedic voices to share with the world. She wrestles with creative control on the show and in her life.

After this episode you will be rooting for Wayne, Minnie and yourself.

**Special thanks to improviser, Katie Dunn, for bringing Minnie and all her funny friends to life.**