Episode #139: How To Be A KickAss Creative Entrepreneur (Part 1)



This week on The JellyVision Show, we take time to  reflect on what we have learned over the years from interviewing hundreds of incredible artists & creatives. We feel deeply grateful and fortunate to have met so many unique, incredible, talented people. Each and every one of our guests has left us inspired and we've learned so much from them!

We also share our tips for becoming a kickass creative entrepreneur. These are things we have learned by being creative entrepreneurs ourselves and by choosing to live a creative life.  This is a special 2 Part episode of The JellyVision Show that we hope inspires other creative souls to take the next step towards being a successful Artrepreneur.

Tim & Jelly's 10 Tips for Being a KickAss Creative Entrepreneur (Part 1):

1. Declutter Your Mind (Tim)
2. Fix Your Mindset (Jelly)
3. The Law of Supply & Demand Applies to You (Jelly)
4. Find Your Abundance (Tim)
5. Understand Your Value to The World (Jelly)
6. Manage & Eliminate Distractions (Tim)
7. Get a Business License (Jelly)
8. Take The Plunge (Tim)
9. Be Able to Take Payments Anytime, Anywhere (Jelly)
10. ABC= Always Be Creating (Jelly)