Episode #137: Jenny Cutler Lopez & The Girl Who Couldn’t Cry



This week on The JellyVision Show we talk to author, Jenny Cutler Lopez about her powerful book, Who I AM: American Scar Stories.  Jenny photographed and interviewed people with life altering scars and documented their personal stories in this gorgeous book. The stories are uplifting and inspirational! Do you have a scar story?  Jenny is collecting mini scar stories on instagram. Our very own, Alexis and Tim are both featured! Make sure to check them out. Jenny has a lot more books coming, so please follow her ON TWITTER and get in touch if you have an extreme scar story! You may end up in the next edition.

Because we were so moved by the stories in Jenny's book, we invited
Lilly Cornea
on the show. Lilly is known as "The Girl Who Can't Cry". Lilly's problem has baffled doctors who have determined that there is nothing physically wrong with her. Even after the tragic death of her mother, Lilly didn't shed a tear. We invited her on the show in the hope that she would feel some emotion after hearing some powerful Scar Stories.
Find out if Lilly finally cries on this amazing episode of The JellyVision Show that may leave you scarred!

**Special thanks to improviser, Tori Clodfelter, who played Lilly. You can see Tori perform all over the place. She is a Comedy Sports performer at The Comedy Spot in Arlington. She is also a troupe member of Last Ham Standing. Follow Tori on Twitter @ToriClods