Episode #136: The Shelly’s Belly Tour with Shelly Bell



In this episode we have a returning guest and a challenge. Poet, artist & writer, Shelly Bell contacted us a couple of months ago to see if we would participate in her current social project, Shelly's Belly. In order to confront her issues with gaining normal pregnancy weight, Shelly decided to get her friends and family involved by asking them to cook healthy meals for her for under $50 and then eat together. She was overwhelmed by the positive response and has been eating delicious, healthy meals up and down the east coast.

Shelly gave us $50 and a couple of foods to avoid and we had our challenge!

The JellyVision Team decided to make a Spinach & Artichoke Quinoa Bake from Two Peas and Their Pod. and chocolate covered strawberries (made up recipe) for dessert. It was all super delicious and we could barely stop eating to record this episode. You can probably hear us eating. We are grateful to Shelly for inviting us to participate in what could become a real social movement. This was a fantastic experiment--we all felt like we bonded on a whole new level after cooking a meal together. Then, to share it with friends and have a good (recorded) conversation..what could be better?

We talk about food, social norms, activism, dreams, parenting, privilege, education motivation, commitment and even sensory deprivation chambers. Enjoy! And if you have a minute, please subscribe and rate us on itunes or Stitcher! Sweet! :)