Episode #128: Sheldon Scott meets Ingrid & Jejune



Every episode of The JellyVision Show seems to have major surprises and this one is no exception. We talk to one of DC's Best Up and Coming Visual Artists (according to CBS) , Sheldon Scott. Sheldon is a performance artist, storyteller, actor and monologist who tackles the subjects of race, economics and sexuality in his work.  He is also the co-founder with Armando Lopez-Bircann of Animals & Fire; a platform to support and promote performance artists and art literacy in DC. We are shocked when Sheldon chooses his time on The JellyVision Show to announce his plans to run for DC Mayor in 2018. We took the opportunity to officially announced our first political endorsement for Sheldon Scott: DC Mayor, 2018!  He's already the Mayor of U Street! Follow Sheldon Scott on Twitter and Instagram. Like him on Facebook. Like Animals & Fire on Facebook too!

Ingrid Bird and JeJune join the conversation. Ingrid is a Performance Artist Consultant and a huge fan of Sheldon's. JeJune is one of Ingrid's clients who teaches us what it means to be a Minimalist Artist. JeJune's work is highly under-stimulating by design in order to calm our over-worked minds into blankness. JeJune was kind enough to come on the show during his "Idea Cleanse".

Find out if Ingrid convinces Sheldon to become her client and why everyday violence may be considered performance art on this mega-fun episode!

**Special thanks to DC area improvisers, Tice Rust and Katie Dunn. Tice and Katie both perform regularly at The Comedy Spot and are both gearing up for "Decades", a 2014 Fringe Production by 4&9 Productions. Tice also performs with The Improv Imps. **

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