Episode #125: The Bunnymany Bridge Collective & Gwendolyn Carter



This week Jelly & Tim get to talk artsy with the NOVA artists that form The Bunnyman Bridge Collective. The Bunnyman Bridge Collective is a suburban art movement that originated in Fairfax, Virginia by artists Jason Davis, Jessica Kallista, and Javier Padilla. These artists are  making mischief and wreaking havoc on suburbia through their artistic visions. You can witness some mischief yourself at their upcoming show, "Tell Me Something" which opens Sat.April 5th at Epicure Cafe. At the opening, You will experience music by Kid Claws , a local band whose sound was described by Jason Davis as "If clouds Were People". We are fascinated by it all.


We also invited Gwendolyn Carter, a member of the Clifton Union of National Traditionalists Society, to be on the show to help open up the dialogue about urban art in suburbia. She, and her fellow traditionalists, have a healthy fear of art and anything that provokes emotion of any kind. The Society meets every Tuesday in the Town of Clifton where the Bunnyman Bridge urban legend originated. The group believes that splattering paint on a canvas is a call to Satan.
Needless to say we had an interesting conversation and we may even see Gwendolyn at the art show on Saturday if her husband says it's ok.

**Special Thanks to Audrey Mattain who performs with the DC sketch group, Bad Medicine, Audrey is also a member of the improv group Huggy Spreadums and you can find her on Twitter @audrey_tomato . **