Episode #123: Live with Billy Winn, LenCoCards and Buck Roo



This episode was a JellyVision Show Live Experience at The Mellow Mushroom in Washington, DC. This was our second live show, so it wasn't without its bumps, but we managed to have a great time. Lenny from the LenCoCard Company came back for an awkward card give-a-way that ended up with him fighting with Jelly again. And DC's Urban Cowboy, Buck Roo swung by to have some Ranch Dressing.
The man of the night though, was Billy Winn. Billy is a singer, songwriter and entertainer who puts on a mega-show by combining costumes, dance routines, and theatrics—along with his electrifying presence and powerhouse talent on stage. The debut of his new single, Glow In The Dark is quickly rising up the charts.

**Special Thanks to John Mehsko for playing Lenny Langley and to Jon Menaster of Hand Poured Sketch for playing Buck Roo. **