Episode #122: Dolly Madison Madison & the Sooo Cavy, Lincoln Mercury


To honor President's Day, we thought we'd bring on a couple of real-life presidents. Dolly Madison Madison, the President..uhhh, I mean, Prime Minister of Jelly's Home Owners Association informs the world of her decade of infractions. Luckily, things get more cuddly when Lincoln Mercury, President of the Northern Virginia Cavy Association joins us with his adorable Guinea Pigs. Thanks to new, guinea pig superstar, Cashew, on Season 2's  House of Cards, Lincoln has a strong platform to effect positive change for the species. He promises a Guinea Pig for every house by 2015. Until then, please consider rescuing one of these special creatures and buying them a proper wardrobe!

Guinea Pig Fashion Shows are soooo Cavy.

**Special thanks to DC improvisers,
Sabahat Chaudhary and Marc Rebar, for bringing Dolly Madison Madison and Lincoln Mercury to life. They star together in their two-person improv troupe, Girl Fight. Marc performs regularly with Hot & Sweaty. Sabahat is the co-founder of District Improv and performs regularly with the troupe Press Play.**