Episode #119: Lenny Langley from the LenCo Card Company


Jelly bought a  $50 Valentine's day card  from a convincing stranger last week. We meet that man. He is Lenny Langley from LenCo Card company. Lenny shares his process for creating his obscure and often rather unusual, yet charming cards he fashions at the local library. Things get a little heated on the show as Jelly realizes she may have paid too much for a Valentine's Day card.

You can follow Lenny on Twitter to make an order at @LenCoMakesCards or to read his tirades against Jelly.
And because we have no hard feelings & huge hearts, please follow his only real friend, some dude named Don Mehsko on Twitter @DonMehsko and his hilarious Tumblr: donmehsko.tumblr.com

Enjoy some of Lenny's Cards!