Episode #116: Shane Wilson & Democrates of Lacedemonia


This week we were delighted to meet the coolest Roots Rock musician ever, Shane Wilson, from Coldwater, Alabama. After almost 20 years in the music scene around Muscle Shoals, Alabama and Nashville, Shane recently moved to Northern Virginia and is quickly making a name for himself in the DC indie music scene. He regularly hosts musical events for the Songwriters and Poets Alliance in addition to performing regularly. He writes all of his own songs including, “Town That Knows Everything” which Q Magazine, England called “the best song Springsteen never wrote,".  Follow Shane on Twitter, Like him on Facebook and feel good doing it after checking out his music on Reverbnation. By the way, he is a super nice, Down to Earth guy. We think he is awesome.
And so does Democrates of Lacedonia who is also on this episode. A Greek trajedian, Democrates was cursed by Apollo and the 9 muses for several unsavory incidents.  In fact, he can't return to 5th Century BC until he completes a rather difficult task. Although we could do little to help his predicament, we did make a new friend in a toga.

**Special Thanks to talented DC improviser, Seth Alcorn for creating and improvising  Democrates of Lacedemonia for our 116th episode. Seth is a member of the short & long form troupe, Porkchop Volcano which performs monthly at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse. He also performs at the Comedy Spot Improv Theater.

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