Episode #114: Songwriters & Poets Alliance and The Drive-Thru Poet


We made a new friend and his name is Anders Thueson! Anders is the founder of the Songwriters and Poets Alliance. This unique alliance includes indie artists, presenters, bloggers and networkers. What started out in May 2012 as an annual series of performances to showcase a variety of DC indie artists has quickly grown from one to four dedicated venues. These venues include The Black Squirrel, The Mellow Mushroom, Adams Morgan Day and Clarendon Day. Impressive! Don't miss the next free show produced by Songwriters and Poets which happens Thursday Dec.12th at 8pm at The Mellow Mushroom in Adams Morgan. No cover.
We introduce Anders to Regina, The Drive-Thru Poet. Regina is an innovative poet who writes strictly about her emotional and physical experiences with fast food. She performs her verbal pop art daily and nightly in a variety of drive-thru lanes, smartly using the built in speaker mic to project her art to employees and patrons inside the fast food establishments. She reads us a couple of her poems, including her most emotional piece yet, Fuck You, McRib.