Episode #110: Two Unique Veterans: Lt. Knick Knack & Mathers


Welcome to our Veteran's Day Show!  All of us at The JellyVision Show are incredibly grateful for the service, sacrifices and  bravery of all of those in the U.S. Armed Forces. Our way of recognizing Veteran's Day didn't go exactly as planned, but hopefully it brings a few laughs to veterans and non-veterans alike.

Jelly was in charge of booking veterans for the Veteran's Day Show. She found a 23 year Army Veteran, Lieutenant Commander Knick Knack who it turns out, fights sin on the front lines of The SALVATION Army. Oops. Wrong Army.  Lieutenant Knick Knack does battle hard to properly price gently used items and specializes in $1-$4.99 items. Jelly and Knick Knack discover that they share the rare hobby of collecting baby teeth of the famous and infamous. Many trades have happened since the show was recorded. That's random.

Luckily, Jelly booked a second veteran, Todd Jessup (AKA Mathers) of the Civil War. Tim was initially less than impressed to find out Mathers is a veteran of weekend Civil War Reenactments. But Tim came around once he found out just how seriously Mathers takes his living history--even losing a limb to scurvy on the battlefield. We also learn that Mathers has taken his hobby into a career and also reenacts celebrity commercial tragedies and highway accidents. He is very brave.

Special Thanks to the very talented Washington, DC improvisers, Sabahat Chaudhary and Marc Reber. Sabahat is co-founder of District Improv and performs with Press Play and will be performing at The Bannerman Present Lesser Known Tales at the DCAC on 11/22 & 23. Marc performs with the troupe, Hot & Sweaty and you can catch him in their upcoming benefit show, A Hot & Sweaty Hliday for You at Bus Boys & Poets on 12/31.