Episode #109: GlitterLust & Siobhan Wright Never Wrong


The JellyVision Show is a bit more sequinned and sweaty thanks to the disco-punksters, Mikey Torres, Liz Yeljack  and Lacy Liszt of the band GlitterLust! This episode of The JellyVision Show is a lot like a Casual Encounters ad on Craig's List --you just can't stop listening but you might feel a little dirty afterwards. GlitterLust brings to the show an LGBT education, frank conversation and hard hitting dance beats. Glitterlust is an interactive queer discopunk band born in the back alleys of Washington D.C. Their live shows are high energy spectacles which often feature outrageous costumes, burlesque performers and giant dancing plushie teddybears! You are guaranteed to dance, sweat and go home covered in glitter! Glitter Dance!

We talk back alley births, pet mushrooms, repression, show costuming, their passion for music, why their songs are about queer sex, post modern relationships. how Craig's List got them together and why lead singer & costume designer, Mikey Torres is the Punk Rock Martha Stewart.

We are joined by the cranky Irish critic, Siobhan Wright of the popular judgemental blog, Siobhan Wright Never Wrong. Siobhan reviews whatever she can with a scathing tone. She also uses her own Guinness rating system. The JellyVision Show was a victim of one of her reviews and got just a single Guinni. Embarrassing. Luckily, she took a liking to GlitterLust and their rating was way up their by the end of the show.

Don't miss GlitterLust at the Mid-Atlantic Leather Festival January 17-19th 2014!

Special thanks to DC area improviser, Katie Dunn, for playing Siobhan Wright!