Episode #105: Hand Poured Sketch & Our New Sponsors!


Tim and I get totally inspired by our talented guests from  Hand Poured Sketch in this super episode of The JellyVision Show. We chat about their sketch writing process, their goals, upcoming projects and personal philosophies. And by philosophies, we mean what tattoos they would get if they ever decided to get inked. Hand Poured Sketch hosts a monthly sketch jam at Black Fox Lounge. Bring  your sketches and meet people to play the parts. Or, come and play a part in someone's sketch. Or both! If you pee your pants, they will accept you. See us at their next Sketch Jam Oct. 27th!  In addition to their famous sketch jams, they have written a radio play and are planning a full show in January, The Christmas Procrastination Show. Deets TBA. Cool beans. And you can catch their radio play on the DC Futon Cast. Give it a listen too!

You've heard us whine for months about our lack of sponsors. Well, we got busy and in this episode you will enjoy our bounty of new sponsors who are quite unique. (Not Bounty as in paper towels) You have never heard of these products, but you will be wanting them like a second cheese puff.

We know you will enjoy them because our sponsor spots were written by Jon Menaster, Anne Polsky, Gabe Getzie and Sarah XXX of Hand Poured Sketch