Episode #103: District Improv Festival Producers, Four Out of Town Troupes & Frisky Maude


Another first for The JellyVision Show!  Much fun was had recording our first episode with call-in guests, and what amazing guests we had for this show. Tim Trueheart and I are joined in studio by the co-founders of District Improv, Brianna Lux and Sabahat Chaudhary. We also invite a regular show listener, Maude to the studio in an effort to get her to the festival. Maude asks her own unique questions and surprising things are revealed. Together, we all get to know four of the improv troupes travelling to DC for the first annual District Improv Festival which takes place Sept. 24-29th at The Source Theater.

Ryan Hill, Gloria Bankler and Paul Normandin from In Our Prime were weird enough to take our call on a 3G phone while crammed inside a Volkswagon on the side of the road, somewhere in Austin Texas. We talk to them about their unique format of drama & comedy and the workshops they are teaching as part of the District Improv Festival. As a group they are teaching "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" and troupe mate Jessica Arjet is teaching "Being Open, Being Honest". Don't forget to sign up while there is still space!  You can catch In Our Prime perform at the festival on Friday 9/27 at 10:30!

Kaitlin Buckley and Luke Bruneaux of Aeropuerto chat with us about chemistry (sexual), travel bonding and troupe diversity. Aeropuerto is based in Cambridge, Mass. and perform at the District Improv Festival on Sat. 9/28 at 9:30pm.

Population 6, a Baltimore Improv Group mainstage troupe, will be performing on Thursday 9/26 at 8:30pm. We speak with troupe members Sean Stokes and Katherine Frances Billingsley who were the first to play our fun new improv game. "5 Things John Windmueller is Doing Right Now That is Not Improv". Fun! We talk about BIG's new home as well as their upcoming 10 year anniversary gala. And thanks to Maude, we talk about safe words.

Mike Harris, one half of the two-man troupe, Evan the Loyal, talks to us last and gets the deepest questions of the show. Mike is the artistic director of Baltimore Improv Group (BIG). We learn a lot about Baltimore's unusual improv scene and how improv has changed over the years. Don't miss Evan the Loyal perform on Thursday 9/26 at 10:30pm.  Mike and Prescott promise a good time and a hot musician on stage at the Evan the Loyal show.

**Special thanks to DC improviser, Brianna Lux, for playing Maude! **